The Beautiful Dance Moves Creativity & Cognition 2013 workshop explores emerging methods for mapping movement, technology and computation. We invite participants interested in exploring how movement experience can contribute to computational knowledge of movement representation. The title Beautiful Dance Moves is inspired by the image on the left. It references the challenge of representing embodied movement knowledge within computational models, yet it also celebrates the inherent expression available within movement as a language. While human movement itself focuses on bodily experience, developing computational models for movement requires abstraction and representation of lived embodied cognition. Selecting appropriate mappings between movement and its rich personal and cultural meanings remains a challenge in movement interaction research. Many fields, including Interaction Design, HCI, Education and Machine Learning have been inspired by recent developments within Neuroscience validating the primacy of movement in cognitive development and human intelligence. This has spawned a growing interest in experiential principles of movement awareness and mindfulness, while simultaneously fueling the need for developing computational models that can describe movement intelligence with greater rigour. This workshop seeks to explore an equal and richly nuanced epistemological partnership between movement experience and movement cognitive and computational representation.

Important Dates Submission Deadline: May 8 2013
Notifications: May 11 2013

Author Keywords
Movement Interaction, Computational Modelling, Movement Cognition, Movement Awareness, User Experience, Embodiment, Design Process, Art/Design Artifacts, Somaesthetics
ACM Classification Keywords
H5.2. [User Interfaces] Interaction Styles, Theory and Methods, User-centered Design
Thecla Schiphorst
School of Interactive Arts & Technology
Simon Fraser University

Renata Sheppard
Henry Luce Scholar
Taipei National University of the Arts

Lian Loke
Design Lab
University of Sydney

Chyi-Cheng Lin
Director, Performing Technology Lab
Taipei National University of the Arts

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